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HSE / Insurance

Health, Safety & Environment Policy

HTT LTD, through implementing and advanced Health, Safety and Environmental Protection System in line with CLIENT HSE Policy strives to establish a risk free, safety oriented working environment, protecting the health of its workforce and keeping the environment pollution free to its best efforts.

This system is enforced through self-implementation by allocating clear and dedicated individual responsibilities, setting performance challenges and by gathering day-to-day advanced techniques.

Commencing from project awarding through mobilization, transportation, setting up of site facilities, rigging, offloading, etc, shall ensure that safety rules and procedures are in place, communicated, implemented, documented and enforced for site related activities including vehicle and equipment operation.

In order to implement the general Policy of HTT LTD, HTT LTD has developed a HSE Management Plan. The HSE Management Plan is directly applicable to every HTT LTD employee assigned to work on any awarded projects and also any subcontractor assigned by HTT LTD on any projects.

Our vision is simple, within the area of HTT LTD’s operation or wherever we have influence, we will make every effort and contribute to others, our best to achieve NO ACCIDENTS, NO HARM TO PERSONNEL and NO HARM TO ENVIRONMENT.

HTT LTD is a local Rigging & Transportation Company which operates in a highly competitive industry. HTT LTD has attained and maintained their position in the market place through commitment to Health, Safety and Environment Protection Policy in all aspects of its operations. HTT LTD views Health, Safety and Environment Protection Policy awareness as a further extension of its total quality management approach.

Proper planning, preparation, awareness of potential hazards, the allocation of competent workers, the use of suitable tools & equipment and heightened safety awareness can avoid accidents. Every HTT LTD employee, from Director to General worker, has a responsibility to ensure that, within his own sphere of responsibilities, he does not, under any circumstances, compromise any aspect of his duties or responsibilities which could, in any way, cause or increase the risk of accidents which might result in injury to himself, his colleagues or third parties, or damage to HTT LTD’s or third party’s assets.

The primary consideration of HTT LTD in the evaluation of the success of completed projects is that projects safety records shall reflect ‘ZERO ACCIDENTS’.

It is a primary and continuing policy of HTT LTD that, in all its activities, it will act positively to protect the health of its personnel and others who may be affected by its activities. HTT LTD will provide and maintain a healthy work environment through acceptable industry practices and in compliance with legislative requirements.




H. Toolaram Transport also has the necessary Insurances to cover both transport and equipment (cargo).

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